Listened to on a computer using any media playing software. Subscribing to a podcast is the same as subscribing to a blog and some blogs are used to acim podcast so they can be down loaded or a link is given to the audio file. These files can then be transferred from a computer to a portable device.

Anyone with anything to say, with a strong desire to voice their opinions, or simply entertain can create a radio style podcast with little cost and time. All it takes is a microphone, computer and an internet connection. Subject matter for podcasting is restriction and regulation free, but the success of a podcaster will always be reliant on the quality of material and level of professionalism by the broadcaster.

Podcasts Replacing Radio Chat Shows

Talk back radio style podcasts are popular content and have no worries with copyright law as long as there is no music played without first obtaining permission or purchasing the right. Therefore, podcasts are rising in popularity, and home based broadcasters are becoming as famous as radio show hosts. Shows are recorded at home and distributed globally via the internet to thousands of listeners, and these numbers can soon be in the millions.

Podcasts through the internet can reach a broader audience than any local or national radio. Businesses are starting to take note of the figures in terms of audience that can be reached through podcasting and the potential for blogs and podcasting as a content distribution tool in the future.

Podcast Creation

Planning is a key factor when podcasting and essential for delivering quality material, keeping listeners coming back for more, and building a strong regular listener base. A higher level of technological savvy is needed to record, upload, host and distribute podcasts. There are companies making these processes easier for future podcasters and expectations are positive and high for this form of broadcasting.

Podcasts allow individuals to distribute their ideas and show their talent on a global platform. Podcasts range from travel journals, short film makers, daily recipes and cooking tips, shows introducing the latest bands, comic book conventions, product reviews, and news media.

Planning a podcast starts first with the ideas, progressing to notes and then a script can be created. Even if the script is only used loosely it would act as a guide and keep a natural flow to the program and its sections in sequence, including musical slots, and introducing previously made interview material. If a podcaster plans to create a regular show or series then several shows should be planned up front before the initial launch.

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