Mafia city hack Wars Tips: How to Become An Expert

Mafia wars is a popular online game created by Zynga. It is most widely played on social networking sites such as the wildly popular mafia city hack. Millions of youth are glued to their screens to play Mafia Wars and are always looking for ways that will help them to excel in the game. If you are also the one who is looking for ways that will help you to become a master in this popular game then here are some Mafia Wars tips that will help you to do so.

Tip 1: Deposit your money in the bank: To avoid risk of getting robbed or losing money in fights it is always better to put your money in the bank every time you exceed an amount of $50,000.

Tip 2: Give out more gifts: Giving out gifts especially to weak members proves beneficial to everyone in the family. To make the most out of the game, make sure that your every Mafia Wars family member has weapons, armor, Mafia Wars energy and a vehicle.

Tip 3: Boost your energy: If you want to upgrade anything then it has to be energy. This is because; the more energy you have the more you will be able to complete your jobs and gain experience. The more experienced you become the faster you reach to the other level.

Tip 4: Fight people: To fight somebody, you need to have Stamina. Increasing Stamina is one of the most integral parts of the game as it helps you to advance to the next level in the beginning. Also, unlike other jobs which consume most of your energy, fighting somebody requires just 1 Stamina. Fighting will also help you at the time when you use up all your energy and are looking to refill it. It also helps you to gain experience.

These were some of the Mafia Wars tips which you can apply while playing Mafia Wars. These tips will not only help you advance to next level in Mafia Wars but will also make you an expert in the game and achieve all the goals you have set in the game.

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