Recognizable Symptoms of Cocaine Use

There are several recognizable symptoms of buy cocaine online use and also several symptoms which are not visible and only show up as health and mental problems. Many often wonder if their loved one or friend is using cocaine. These symptoms will give you clues as to the possibility that they might be using.

Runny or stuffy nose is common from snorting cocaine and is often followed by coke nose. Coke nose is a deterioration (ulcer) of the mucous membrane of the nose. Often coke nose even shows up years after a person quits cocaine when nose problems arise, the doctor often says “you used to snort cocaine, I can tell by the tissue deterioration”. It will show up as scar tissue on the membrane of the nose.

Muscle tightening or muscle spasms (shakes) are common because cocaine attacks the nervous system immediately upon use. Cocaine reduces the flow of oxygenated blood which naturally affects the brain functions.

High energy spurts, the inability to sleep and loss of appetite are other visible signs that a person could be on cocaine. Amphetamines also give a burst of energy. Energy spurts are one of the biggest reasons many try cocaine, either for the energy or for the creativity sometimes caused by the spike in blood pressure to the brain. Many do not realize the risk of stroke or heart attack by using.

Withdrawal from others as a change in attitude evolves, often mood swings accompany cocaine use and the user withdraws from others. Accompanying this, is also a loss of feelings towards others thoughts and opinions. Their main desire is the next high and forget about friends and family.

Loss of personal hygiene and degradation in personal appearance often accompany cocaine use. As the user becomes focused on the next hit, they lose track of personal needs.

Depression, let-down feeling, edginess and dullness are all symptoms that someone has problems of some kind. In-between highs the user will feel these symptoms, and it will become a roller coaster of feelings as the user goes up and down through cocaine use.

Lying to friends and family comes not only from the guilty feeling but the need to cover up the moods and the loss of money associated with using cocaine. This is the symptom which often kills the relationship with family and friends. Most can put up with other problems but when the lying starts, the trust is lost.

Loss of job or missing work is another sign that there is a problem, and often cocaine or another drug is the culprit. When the user becomes dependent on cocaine, nothing else matters and jobs are usually the first lost. The user often becomes so moody that no one can work with them, they become dangerous and have lost the inability to care.

These are just a few of the many symptoms which accompany cocaine use. Please do not take these as positive indications that a person is on cocaine. You need to definitely know before you approach them on the matter, as any of these could also come from other sources. If you feel they are using cocaine, find out more about cocaine addiction first.

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