Some Very Important Things to Prepare For Your Cat

There are calico cat for sale in life, death and taxes”. Death is one subject we prefer not to discuss. An unpleasant subject, I agree. However, what about your cat? Have you prepared things to ensure that your cat will have a good home and maintain the lifestyle that he or she currently has with you?

There are several things that you must do for your cat. Whether you have one cat or multiple fur babies decide if you weren’t here or became unable to care for them, do you have an appointed guardian to handle placement in a new home? Talk to folks at organizations that find adoptive pet parents, friends or relatives. Tell them all about your cat, likes, dislikes, etc.

When I talk with people about their cats, they can talk for hours about the things that their cats do, like, don’t like, favorite toys, favorite foods, you name it and they talk about it. It’s so easy to describe your cats habits and preferences to someone who, in turn, can use the feedback given to decide on a future placement for adoption or permanent home in the event that you are not able to care for them. Most people don’t plan ahead for their pet babies in the event that the unthinkable happens and they are left sad and alone.

First and foremost decide what and where they will be placed in the event of your death or incapacitation. Write that information down, but wait, your not finished yet. List the name of your veterinarian and include medical records. Keep the medical information up to date. Each time your cat has a vet visit, write down the date and reason/treatment. Include any information related to allergies, medication, etc.

Prepare a list for each cat that includes, name, age, habits, favorite toys, favorite food and everything that your cat would consider important. Provide as much detail as possible, what time your cat usually arises to start the day, the time he/she eats breakfast, lunch or dinner, litter box usage and any preference to a brand of litter. What does he/she like to do and when.

Cats nap a lot and usually follow a schedule, list his or her favorite nap time, place and duration. All the things that your cat does on a daily basis and when. Think of this summary as a discussion that your having with someone about your cat. Provide as much detail as possible and if it goes on for pages that’s great. Remember you won’t be here to tell anyone these things.

Now that you have started a short story about each of your cats, it gets easier from here. Each cat should have a separate summary about their lifestyle. Daily routine and habits are so important to a new adoptive parent and to your cat. Moving to a new home and missing you is upsetting for your fur babies, include as much information as you can, even the things you don’t really think about such as your cat likes to be stroked on the head, on the back or tummy. Food, what brand, type (dry or wet) and what time of day each food is given. Cat treats, how often, how many, what brand or flavor does your cat prefer? List where your cat likes to sleep, recliner, cat bed, cat tree and maybe he or she has different napping preferences such as afternoon naps on the cat tree in a sunny window or on cloudy days prefers to nap in his or her cat bed.

The more detail the better. How about toys? Does your cat have a favorite toy? Include on your list what your cat likes to play with, better yet buy a few of their favorite toys and keep them unopened with the list for each cat. The unopened toy contains all the necessary information to replace them, not only the visual of what the toy looks like but the manufacturer and the part number. Cats that have favorite toys are quite often devastated when they have lost or are without that toy. As such, the simple comfort of a favorite or familiar toy is an important adjustment factor to help your kitty adjust to being without you.

In summary, prepare a list containing every detail of information about your kitty. Make the list as long as necessary, (one for each cat if you have multiple cats) and keep it current. Make several copies and distribute to someone that will handle your affairs after you’re gone. Neighbors, relatives, anyone and everyone that will be involved with helping your cat adjust. Medical records, food preferences, unique habits, daily routine and preferred are equally important. This information will be worth a million dollars to your cat and it costs you only a small portion of your time now, to prepare for your cats future and well being in the event that someday, you’re not there to care for them.

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