“How to Book a Radio Interview”

Radio is better because you get a lot of time to talk on the radio. You get 5-15 minutes on an average morning show. A talk show usually gives you 30-60 minutes to talk. While a television interview gives you significantly less air time, usually only 3 minutes at best!Advantages of doing a radioevangeliovivo.net show…On a radio show you don’t have to travel. You don’t have to get dressed up. 95% of radio interviews are done by telephone. You can do a radio interview from anywhere, anyplace, anytime. You could be in a different country! You can reach the masses while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

It is live so you get audience interaction. You can find out what the audience wants directly from them.You get to give out your contact information.
You get to plug your product and services.
96% of the US population to the radio every week. This makes radio the most powerful media.
So how do I book radio interviews?

Here are 4 ways to book radio interviews:

1: Hire a PR firm. Make sure you find a PR firm that gets you on big radio stations and not little radio stations. You should expect to pay $5,000 – $10,000 per month on a retainer to a PR firm.

2: Advertise in publishing and services that lists guest. RTIR is the biggest and best. Start out by putting an ad in RTIR. They write the ad for you. They write your show pitch for you. The stations call you. The majority of stations that call you in the beginning will be small stations which are fine because you need practice.

3: Send out a mass mailing or emailing to producers. This is a usually a complete waste of time and money. The only response you’ll get is from small radio stations in the middle of nowhere. You really have to make a phone call instead.

4: Radio is an auditory medium. It is all about how you sound. Radio station hosts and producers want to know what you are going to tell their audience. They also want to know what you sound like. Do you stutter? Do you curse? They can’t hear what you sound like from an email, mailing, or fax. Therefore, calling the radio station hosts is by far the most effective way to acquire radio show appearances.

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