How to Create a Church Strategy

It is wise to be reminded of basic truths about church and church management. First, only people can attract other people. Programs can only be supports but the warmth of the fellowship of caring people makes the jesus christ gospel of love. The next element is order. The right strategy can bring about order in the church. Order does not mean a strict structure and extreme legalism but a clear and transparent system. In addition, the church should have a clear mission and vision. These will guide the church to the right direction. Moreover, a growing church will lead other people to grow. There should be spiritual transformation not only membership or attendance growth.

Churches need strategy in order to activate its mission and vision. The more focused the church is, the better it becomes. In this way, the principle of less is more is most applicable. The more focused the programs, the less clutter there will be. Avoid doing all things or activities at the same time. The Bible admonishes to do all things decently and in order.

It is often neglected that most people are hindered from getting involved in the church because they do not know how and that nobody invited them to join the ministry or program.

How then can one create church strategy? The following are suggestions from experts and scholars in church planting and organization. These are: rediscover your purpose; start new ministries; develop evangelism; praise God for successes and strengths; create new groups and classes; and make people get involved.

Rediscover your purpose

A wise church will always take time for retreats and revival meetings. In this way, the people are reminded of the basic truth that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. It is always proper to be reminded that the church and its members have a purpose to fill and that is to take part in the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth.

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