Karaoke Songs For All Ages – Age Groups & Its Effect on Karaoke Music

강남 룸싸롱 we have, has karaoke lovers, and they all seem to enjoy the karaoke songs no matter what age group they are most applicable to. Having said that, every age group pretty much has its favorites though. If you are a Karaoke Disc Jockey it might be beneficial for you to know what songs would fit in best or be most popular with the general age group of your audience. Here are just a few examples of how you could categorize your music according to audience age group.

Suppose you are doing a birthday party for pre schoolers or entertaining a family group. Here is where your job is really going to get challenging, trying to please such a wide diversity of age groups. Perhaps at one time the little ones would have run off to play while the adults did their little sing along. Not anymore these little ones want in on the action. Most likely if they have learned how to talk then they are ready to sink karaoke songs.
Often these songs that are favored on the nursery rhyme or kindergarten songs such as, Baa Baa Black sheep, Oh Susanna, or old MacDonald had a farm. Think back and you’ll remember how much you enjoyed them as a kid.

Ok, so now you have tired out the little ones lets move onto the preteens. These are so hard to please. They pretty well choose their karaoke songs based on what the older ones will like. Only problem here is if parents are present then they might not be too happy at their pre teeners belting out some heavy metal music. Try and find a happy medium here. You just might convince the kids to sing out some Daddy A Go Go karaoke songs. They may or may not be their favorites but they do find them amusing.

For all the in-betweens now is going to be your easiest part. For the teens you are going to need a selection of the most current karaoke songs, in rock, heavy rock and rap. Then for the parents you’re looking at songs from the 50’s up to the 80’s. Oh yes there’s a bit more that has got to be included here. For each of these eras you need a selection of rock and roll, country western, jazz, and perhaps some blues.

For the senior there something sad about their music, and that’s becomes it comes from a time when so many of their loved ones were killed in the wars. So the music they seem to play and love the most is what is called the old war songs. To your best to have a selection of Karaoke songs to fit this age group. Such as the white cliffs of Dover, or I’ll take you home again Kathleen. One only needs to look at the face of one of the seniors singing these songs and you will see a flood of memories pass across their face.

So doing a karaoke party for a mixed group can be pretty challenging when it comes to the music. After all you do want to be popular amongst all age groups. If you have a tight budget however, you might want to stick to entertaining the age group that you have the most music for.

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