Portable Power For Photographers

Trying to find portable FFPOWER for photographers can be like trying to find a needle in a hair stack with all the new, old and different portable power stations that are on the market today. As you read over the article, you will come to learn about the new and efficient portable power kits that are on the internet. Since I am specialist in solar power, I will discuss with you about the solar power kits that outdoor adventurers, campers and even some photographers are using in order to stay powered up in the wilderness.

So if you are taking pictures in nature, you already know that some of your concerns are the location, power supply and film, probably you are now using SD cards and flash drives. And then your next concern is the weather, having fogged lenses or moist which totally can ruin a shot. I know as I have taken shots in wild life as well as in the urban setting. As you know though, when you take shot after shot, your camera starts to lose power and having all your back-up batteries not charged can be very upsetting especially if you depend on this for work or you are in a situation where it is a once in a life time shot and you need that power.

Having solar power kits and other quality type solar battery chargers is a smart investment. Consumers are purchasing solar chargers that charge fast, can charge in the cloudy weather and are lightweight. It is bad enough that if you are taking shots to have to carry more weight than what is needed. This can be alright for those who sit and watch birds, eagles as well as animals that will run if they see or hear anything. Having that kind of profession is sometimes very relaxing and a perfect way to reduce stress as you sort of become one with nature. But one of the problems that come up is power.

Here are some portable power stations for photographers that usually just sit for the majority of the day and move a couple times. The solar kit that works best is the Solar-2-Go, the 20 watt, 10 watt or 5 watt are the choices consumers have to choose from. One thing about this product is that it was developed by a company named, Interplex Solar which has been in business since 1986. Now for most consumers that is an awesome thing because you don’t stay in business by providing crappy products that don’t work and knowing that they have been in business this long should help you when deciding what solar power kit you should purchase.

That is one reason I am recommending this product but I will stay unbiased for the purpose for providing you with a quality article which hopefully will be social bookmarked or shared with friends. The Solar-2-Go portable solar power kit comes with an option of a 300 watt inverter, which is not required but recommended. A solar panel (mono-crystalline for those who are wondering), LED lighting strip and a carrying bag. There is a stand which is included so it can be tilted to stand up so you can have it facing the sun directly for a better charge without having to hold it. It also includes a 12v 8Ah Deep Cyclic Sealed Lead Acid Battery, a pre-assembled Lead (battery to charge controller), a solar charge controller and a separate pre-assembled lead (to charge or trickle 12v batteries).

This solar panel power system is able to take your camera power cord and plug it into the inverter, which is connected to the solar panel and charge it quickly. All charge times vary because of the device being charged and the sun light facing the panel. But the charge on average is 2-8 hours of full sun for a complete charge. Of course if you have a mobile device, it could charge within 1 hour. The lighting strip is good for those who want have the ability to see around the tent or the vehicle while unpacking and packing. The total weight is less than 15 lbs and can be transported with the carrying bag with handles of course. There are many portable solar kits that include everything but this kit, the Solar 2 Go power system costs $299 with inverter and that is the 10 watt model.

Now if you’re a photographer that moves around a lot and does different angles and goes back forth between batteries and goes through battery packs every couple hours, then owning the Sherpa 120 Explorer kit is going to be the best choice for you. The reason why this solar kit is a preferred is that it includes everything from the inverter to the panel to the battery pack but it also has 120 watts of power and is foldable. Imagine that your crew needs to go to another location and you’re already carrying everything else in your bag, you can simply fold up the panel and place the inverter and battery pack in the bag as well and head off to the new location.

The solar panel is a mono-crystalline that has 8 panels and is 27 watts. It weights rough 8.5 lbs and there is Smart Technology built in the battery pack to keep the power from blowing your devices kind of like a charge controller but it is built inside. Another key point is the charge time, it is quicker than most solar panel chargers and can charge you device within 1-3 hours depending on the device.

One great reason that photographers choose this solar kit is that they can also charge other devices and keep them powered longer like laptops, monitors and printers for those who are in the outdoor studio setting. With 120 watts of power and the included universal inverter which can be upgraded to a 400 watt inverter and the ability to fold and go, this makes a multipurpose solar power kit that will help photographers as well as others in the outdoor industry. The price tag for is rather low considering everything that is included which comes with a 12 month warranty as well, there are online stores that sell this for $699.

The last solar kit I will mention for individuals in the photography industry is the Scout 150 Adventure Kit. It is another portable solar kit that has the ability to plug in play but it is not as expensive and still can provide power. The unit includes a 13.5 solar panel which is foldable, 150 watt battery pack, ac wall charger and a 12 volt output female cigarette adapter. The thing about this particular unit is it can provide up to 150 watts of power and the price is lower than most solar charger kits with a quality solar panel.

The cool part about the battery pack is that it has an inverter built into and a wall outlet on the side of it so you can easily plug in and play. The charge time is about the same at 2-5 hours and it weights roughly 10 lbs total. I guess the only drawback on this solar kit is the battery pack being somewhat bulky. The price starts at $319.95 and goes up from there.

As you have now read, these solar chargers are great sources of portable power for photographers and honestly anyone in the outdoor recreation industry. For those who are still on the fence, remember that when you consider solar power, you are considering a life change with a product that will not only help you with photography, but if you lose power in your home, you will already be prepared and not fumbling looking for candles and shopping for back up batteries.

Solar energy power will not be going away anytime soon and in fact as the price of solar panels for homes are decreasing, the price for portable solar power kits are increasing because the demand for them are quite high. From tech geeks to video gamers to nature lovers and even to those who are constantly preparing for the end of world, solar power kits like these will in fact be in high demand as time goes on. You’re not buying just a solar power kit; you’re buying the ability to reduce your costs for battery packs, gasoline generators, and making a smart decision because now you are able to be prepared in emergencies all the while being able to pursue the passion you really love, photography.

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