Some Shayari/Poem Of Propose Day At Valentine Day: “I love you dearI love you when you make me laughI love you even after misleading youI love you when you say this sweetThis is what makes me so real without being crowned.Happy love day, darlingThank you””Thank you for all that you do for 키스방사이트.You are my love, you are what I need.I don’t know why I love you but I really do know,When you are not near me, I feel very sad and sad.Stay my valentine foreverI can’t live without you””When I close my eyes I see your face,When I can’t find you, I have trouble breathing.Sweet as an angel and innocent as a dove,You are the best gift you have given me from above.Honey, you’re my only Valentine.Stay with me” Must Read: Free Download Best Kiss Gift On Valentine Week “Not a day goes by without you thinkingI wish I could show you my love because you have no ideaToday, when I saw your beautiful face so perfect and beautiful.I just wanted to say, “Hello Valentine, always be me”.

“Will be mineYour eyes first met me,I am a glimpse of our future, so divine.And when you held my hand,I wanted you to be my wife and I wanted to be your man.I love you day by day even moreNothing on earth can stop us.Please don’t hurt me anymoreBe mine, oh my little deer!Happy love day” “I am proud of youI rode alone like a doveI am my angel, until I meet you.Now I feel completely with you in my life,You are definitely a rare combination, beautiful but sweetI am very proud when I look at youMy love for you is like a glimmer of hope, even in a cloud of doubt.Wishing you a love day.””Stay with me foreverLove is everything I needLove is what i want, i beg youThis is what I am looking for with affectionWith you by my side, I can see my future so clear.Stay my valentine foreverI will always love you

“”Your smile pushes my heartI feel trapped in the depth of your love.As a gift from the sky above,You, my love, you are the one I will always love.Wishing you a love day.” “I fall in love with you every dayKeep me close and hide me in your heartTalk to me about your beautiful babes,In the world of happiness and care,And bless me in your everlasting presence.Throw me your loveDry me in your heatOnly you are for me, because you will understand,You made me fall in love again.I love you, my only Valentine.” “There is no day unless you are doneThere is no day unless you are finished,Baby I can barely sleep without you.I miss the touch of your handFor your communication, this is like a magic stick.I love you like no one canBabe, you are my princess, I am your man!Wishing you a love day.”Source By: Messages-Status. Must Read: Free Offer Download Valentine Week

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