Relax and Enjoy Your Leisure Time

People tend to take life seriously, trying to succeed, putting all their efforts and time to achieve this goal. In the process they forget that life is passing them by. Setting aside valuable time to a leisuretriptips to enjoy life or after the goal is achieved, would rob us of the joyous and carefree youth that each one is endowed with. It is rightly said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Leisure is a time taken out of the routine work to de-stress oneself. It is a time to do all the things we enjoy and value, like pursuing our hobbies and passions and it brings fulfilment to our life. Leisure rejuvenates the body and raises the spirit. It is quality time spent with friends and family which gives meaning to our otherwise robotic life style. Success can never be success, unless it brings real happiness and self satisfaction to oneself. Aiming for worldly pleasures and luxuries of life without any consideration for the wellbeing of oneself and those around us, would be like chasing a mirage of fulfillment.

Leisure is a period to cultivate our hobbies and to do all the things that the mind had perceived as beautiful and wanted to achieve, but could not, due to paucity of time. It could be a period at the weekends or an annual holiday, which gives us this opportunity to fulfill some of our heart’s desires. Surely every human longs for such a leisure period. However, workaholics despise leisure and term it as a waste of time. But maybe realization dawns on them, at the twilight of life; repenting for not having enjoyed their leisure. Alas! it is too late for such contemplation. Time which has passed will never come back.

For a wholesome and composite life, we must strive to achieve a balance of work and leisure. Leisure is an essential ingredient and is the spice of life. In order to enjoy a wholesome life one must inject proper leisure time into our hectic schedule of work. To remain healthy, wealthy and wise, it is imperative to have a proper quota of leisure.

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