Tips on Designing the Perfect E-Book Cover

There are a course in miracles authors cover designers that are constantly on the lookout for good e-book cover design toolkits, which include conceal templates, tips and tricks and e-book conceal generator software to make their work easy.

However, it is fairly easy to create the perfect e-book cover design, and a little common sense can go a long way for e-book conceal originators. There are two essential factors that come into play before the purchase or download of an e-book which includes the name of the e-book written and the basic e-book design.

These two factors determine whether your e-book has the capability of standing out or not. Here are a few tips that every e-book cover designer can follow when designing their own cover on the computer using software like Photoshop:

Step One: Download the PSD zip file of the framework of your e-book in the E-book Template Source:

For this you would need to open the downloaded PSD file, as it would be the framework of your entire e-book conceal.

Step Two: Make an E-Book coversheet on Photoshop or simply download five different coversheets for E-books from reliable sources:

You would need to place the coversheet you select on top of the PSD framework’s topmost layer and then lessen the opaqueness of each layer to a point where each layer’s opacity is less than sixty percent. This will make it easy for you to discover the corner points of the coversheets and you can make sure that they are aligned perfectly with the framework.

Step Three: Use Photoshop’s distortion tool feature transform so that it can help you place the coversheet directly on top of the framework:

When you use the distort option in Photoshop you can click and drag all of the corner points according to your wishes. This will help you align the coversheet on to the front of the framework of the e-book giving it the exact look that you desire. This is an important step so pay close attention to it.

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