What exactly affecting the charging rate of your cell phone

Smartphone charging process is performed by the collaboration of three parts, namely: cell phone power adapter or cell phone charger, planar magnetic headphones cable, mobile phone. Subjective factors including the phone itself,cell phone power adapter or phone charger, and a data line and objective factors including the weather and how to use the cell phone are the key factors impacting on the rate of charging the phone.

The larger the capacity of the mobile phone battery, the longer the charge time

We shall firstly figure out how to calculate the charging time before what make a impact on the speed of charging the phone, the charging time can be calculated with a simple formula: Charging time = factor (typically greater than 1) × battery capacity (mAh) / charging current (mA) . That is the Large-capacity cell phone battery charging time corresponding to the long charging time when the charge current is constant; similarly, small capacity battery is corresponding to a short charging time.

Thus, it is necessary to charge more prolonged electricity for our phones in order to meet the needs of using mobile phones for a long time when charging current is kept constant as the mobile phone manufacturers increase capacity .  

Moreover, in practice, the current is based on the load (ie cell phones) connected. Just within the limits of its resources,the cell phone charger can provide much current the phone needs. If the current required by the phone exceeds the current limit the cell phone charger can provide, then the cell phone charger would have been outputting the maximum current. So when the battery capacity is the same, the charging time will be faster as the current the phone itself can carry increases.

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