Why Dental Practices Are Diversifying The Treatments They Offer

When you run a dental practice, you want to offer the best possible range of treatments for patients, and ideally you’d like as many people as possible coming through your door. While you may be working hard to offer the latest in dental treatments, from laser teeth lip tattoo perth to invisible braces, you might be wondering whether there are any other areas where you can expand.

Many men and women now use Botox and other injectables on a regular basis, and they often want these treatments carried out in their lunch break. Because they are quick, convenient, and don’t involve any recovery time, they can be carried out on a regular basis and many people who wouldn’t consider traditional plastic surgery use them to stay looking youthful.

Offering services such as Botox in your practice has many advantages. Treatments are short and simple, and as they are given regularly it can become a good source of income. Injectables such as Botox used to be able to be administered by anyone who had done a short course, but countries such as the UK are now cracking down on these operations.

You now have to be a medical practitioner who can give prescriptions, i.e. a doctor, dentist, or nurse prescriber to give Botox. Because dentists have medical qualifications already, it therefore doesn’t take long to learn to administer injectables and fillers. With fewer people now offering these in demand treatments, now could be a good time to offer them at your surgery.

Therefore, it’s an easy thing to market and sell to potential customers, and it’ll no doubt bring lots of new people through your door. Laser hair removal has improved a lot over the years, and the machines made by High Profile Technologies are user friendly, have excellent safety features, and allow you to offer pain-free treatments that work. Your patients are busy people, and by investing in a high quality machine you can reduce treatment times and ensure minimal side effects.

If you choose an IPL machine for hair removal, it can also be used to smooth out discoloured skin caused by melanin and vascular pigmentation, therefore giving you another service you can offer. Those who carry out IPL will need to be trained, and since dentists already have lots of clinical experience they may find the training easier than non-medical staff.

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