In Search of a Teacher of Spirit: Eleven Conscious Considerations

Many of us are on an inward or acim teacher, to our Higher Selves, to our eternal connection with Source. We are called to this for reasons only the individual can describe, or more often, just know, and in the course of this Path, we often connect with other like minded (Light minded?) beings. And because we all have chosen specific areas of Service, we alternate roles of healer, teacher, guide and leader.

We each can offer Service to others, often by our presence and energetic state. Sometimes, we may be drawn or called to provide Illumination through insights we have received on our personal journey, or in CoCreation with nonphysical Beings of Light, or aspects of Spirit. All are valid and vital aspects of our experiencing and expressing ourselves as Source.

The “teacher” and the “student” offer each other great gifts of Spirit, and Lessons beyond what is recognizable in physical manifestation. For the purpose of this offering, I refer to those beings recognized as, or offering structured format or experience, as spiritual teachers. While many are called to be spiritual teachers, a Teacher of Spirit is a powerful Illuminating Force. We “know them when we se(ns)e them”, and more importantly, by the virtue of their Service, our lives change, and we GROW into our fullest spiritual potential.

On occasion, the lessons meant to be learned together manifest quickly, and each must move on to continue learning. This moving on can be difficult, for we have attached to the teacher. For some, this teacher-student experience may have been our clearest and closest encounter with our Divinity, with our Source. To leave this experience behind is unthinkable, and yet…something has changed, we have changed, the lesson has been learned, and the relationship no longer serves us. What then do we do?

Following are questions to ask yourself when considering entering, and during the course of, this very special relationship. Remember that you are also teaching and providing lessons, and that your contribution is significant. Know also that growth can be challenging, and painful for those who choose this pattern of education. Keep in mind that we have chosen to learn together as Spirit Incarnate, with compassion for all who engage in this Experience.

While we strive for perfection, our learning continues. There are so many spiritual teachers because there are so many learners; the Path must always challenge and illuminate, and we may have agreed to connect with many in the energetic flow of Light. As you review these questions, consider what is best for you, at this Perfect Timing. Know that you are choosing well in each moment for your highest Purpose.

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