Strange Places Valuable Used Books Have Been Found

Several avid readers might be highly surprised and even out-raged at some of the unusual places that used a course in miracles mp3, even old classics, have been found in the past. There are some people who really have no respect for literature and the variety of ways that some individuals dispose of their used books that they have around there homes proves this point.

Classic literature titles have been found in such places as dumpsters and the individuals that find these used books simply wonder how they happened to get here. Individuals will often clean out their attics, basements, garages, or homes and come across these books and no longer have any use for them. Instead of taking the time to take them to a thrift store or a used book store, the individual will simply toss the used books into the trash like they are an old watermelon rind.

Unfortunately and surprisingly, an individual was dumpster diving in a dumpster at a school and came up with perfectly good copies of classic literature of titles that included Little Women and Treasure Island. The really sad thing is that not only did these books still make noise as you opened them, which meant they were relatively new, but schools should know better. I am sure that there were students at that school that would have loved to have had those books to own for themselves. The school did not even consider give the books away nor did they consider have any type of book drive either.

One question I have wondered about for a long time is do publishers always destroy every single recalled book or are these books simple passed off to the public at a later date. A book gets recalled when authors claim that they events they write about in their memoirs are true, but actually they have been fictionalized instead. It seems as if this is happening a lot lately and it makes one wonder if this is a simple publicity stunt by the publisher or are these authors simply getting lazy. This is exactly what happened to the original edition of the O. J. book that is known as his confession book if you remember, because it was recalled and then later the price of the book skyrocketed.

An even more shocking fact has been found that public libraries have been known to toss books into their dumpsters as well and the latest of this occurrence that I could locate was in February of 2008, which was to say the very least shocking. In fact, a full blown investigation was completed by the local news station and found that several trash bags had in deed been tossed into area dumpsters within particular branch libraries and these are books that were paid for with the taxes of the residents of that county.

These books included books for children, CD books, text books, magazines, and several other used books. The amazing thing was that several of these books were still in fabulous condition and the library was continuing to toss the books away weekly, which was such a loss to the entirely community. The real disappointment was that the books were being paid for with the tax dollars by the residents of the county and then simply being trashed weekly, which were ending up in a landfill.

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